Cuban Mahogany 2mm x10


Pre cut 2mm Cuban Mahogany lock pick handle scales x10 – enough to make 5 full size handles

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Pre cut scales made from this stunning reclaimed Cuban Mahogany.

10 pcs at 13.2mm x 112mm x 2mm, enough to make 5 full size handles

These have been sized to fit onto both bare pick steel and virtually every commercial pick out there (bar those stupidly fat sparrows handles!) with enough overhang for final shaping once glued to the steel.

Using these scales is one of the easiest ways to make your own beautiful custom lock pick handles, it’s how I started out. You simply shape and sand the front end of the handle scales to match your design (saves scratching the steel later), then using 2 part epoxy glue the scales to the pick, carefully aligning the front. Once fully cured you then shape and sand the remaining overhang to reveal the edge over the pick metal all around. A little wood oil and wax then stand back and admire your craftmanship.

The pick and metal shown in the photos are shown for reference and are not included.