Lock Pick Blanks American C1095 Steel 0.018″ 150mm x5


High quality American carbon steel pick blanks 18thou x5

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High quality carbon steel pick blanks in 18thou. This American steel stock is fully hardened for maximum strength whilst maintaining the flexibility needed for a highly durable lock pick.

Whilst 301 is quite rightly regarded as the best steel for lock picks, carbon steel has some advantages, particularly if you are new to making picks. 301 can be very difficult to shape when you are first starting out, it takes a bit of getting used to and you need decent tools to work it properly. With carbon steel you will find it much easier to shape with basic files and/or a bench grinder without too much fuss, also it’s flexibility really helps it keep it’s shape without deforming, just remember to keep the steel cool.

My very own personal ‘go to’ pick is made from carbon steel, I have been using it daily for over 2 years now and it is still the same shape today.

Pictured you will see some examples of picks I have made recently using this very steel, I am sure you will agree it shapes and polishes up pretty damn well.

Material: Precision Brand Carbon Steel 1095
Guage: 0.018 inch
Length: 150 mm
Width: 12.5 mm
Made in USA


But hey, if you want to dive in at the deep end then get your 301 high yield pick blanks from Andy over at lawlocktools.co.uk he is a great guy with the best commercial picks around and supports the community like no other manufacturer does, highly recommended.