Dick Pick


The “DickPick” by Cocolitos

Hybrid lock pick made from high yield 301 stainless steel, available in 3 sizes

This profile is not just funny, testing has proved it works surprisingly well in many locks


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The Dick Pick profile was designed by the hugely talented lock picker and tool designer from France known as Cocolitos, he also created the excellent profiles in the Corbeau range of lock picks from OFC. When the pick was designed only a handful were made as it was never intended to be mass produced, it was just for testing purposes.

I was lucky enough to bag one of the test picks and over the last year I’ve found it to actually be really effective as a hybrid pick. So with the kind permission of Cocolitos and OFC I had a batch of the picks custom made professionally by Wendt ¬†of Germany using high yield 301 stainless steel.

Although these are not an official Lockmaster product I asked for the handles to be compatible, this makes it simple to add scales using the Lockmaster screw system.


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0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm