Previous Custom Lock Picks

Please take a browse through some examples of the custom lock picks that I make, more photos will be added as time goes by.

Dinosaur lock pick
This is the very first dino pick I made, the scales are G10, there is a black liner too, not visible in this photo
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A combination of handle materials were used on this offset hybrid. There is a white G10 liner, the back section of the handle is leopard wood, the front portion is tortoise shell casein, then there is also a 1mm 925 silver dividing strip and 3mm 925 silver pins.

Red Batarang style undercut hook, the scales are G10, there is a white liner too. This is a rework of my original Batarang pick in 0.5mm carbon steel, the design was slimmed down to fit onto a piece of feeler stock at 12.5mm.
This rifle style lock pick was inspired by the work of killjoy39, the scales are acrylic with sterling silver pins.
The handle on this lawlocktools scimitar is made from real marble, proved to be quite a challenge.
Corian handle medium hook in 301 from lwlocktools, the pins are sterling silver, 4mm hollow and 2mm solid.
Dino Mk5 is double ended in 301 high yield stainless steel from lawlocktools
The scales are Tiffany Blue G10
2 Batarang lock picks in LLT 301 with black FR4 scales and sterling silver pins